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Big Blue, We Don't Miss You!!

When It's calm, It's Calm......

But When It's not It's NOT!

Hey Bets! Wanna Go For A Boat Ride?

Postcard of Greene Point, Sandy Pond & Lake Ontario

Greene Point is in the foreground, our place is in the lower left corner, second in from the end on the backside of the first canal. This is an old postcard taken around the mid to late 60's that is looking toward the South West. Carl Island is in the center of the photo with the Sand Beach at the top of the photo, The current location of the channel has moved to the North and is across from the island. Beyond the beach is Lake Ontario, about 20 miles further than you can see is Oswego.

Aerial photograph of Sandy Pond Inlet and beach, we're in upper right center.

Original Camp

Virginia and Betsy in original living room

Looking left, out canal to NE Corner of Sandy Pond

Fall 2002, Porch off, Trailer leveled

The Plan

Throughout the winter we planned and designed the camp using a 3D design program. The following are just two of the images that we created that show what the finished camp would look like.


In the Spring of 2003 the rain slowed up the start, but we managed to jack the trailer up onto two 12" steel 'I' beams, slid it sideways 2 feet and re-leveled the trailer. Neighbors were gathering up their kids and dogs for fear the whole shabang would end up in the water! If I had realized how much work was to come, I might have been better off if it had.

We then spent the next 4 weeks digging 4' wide x 4' deep pits, with my little Kaboda tractor, underneath the trailer and where the addition would go. The sandy soil was pretty easy to excavate, but it still took some time to dig the 25 holes. Each pit was dug and a footer placed in it with piers up to the surface to support the trailer and planned addition from frost heaving. In addition to the concrete piers, 4"x4" treated posts were brought up to the outside edge of the trailer to support the outer walls of the trailer, which in turn supported the trussed roof that spans both the addition and the trailer. In one of the pictures you can see the 2"x8" top and bottom plates that are lagged into the trailer structure and 2"x3" studs between them, that were fastened into the trailers' 2"x2" walls. 1 3/8" Styrene insulation was placed between the 2"x3"'s and 7/16 OSB sheathed over the studs. This really helped the heat build up inside the trailer. Each pier and piling was built and back filled before the other was dug.

The No Paid Help!

The Bosses!

Who are these people?

Craig, Christian & Bekki

The Cheap Help

Ya Get What Ya Pay For!

The trusses were 5:12 outside and with a 3:12 inside vault. The vault was needed to clear the arched trailer roof, but had a side benefit of providing more headroom inside the addition.

The Not So Cheap Help

From left to right, Roger, 3 generations of Shelps; Ed Shelp (Grandfather) Bobby Shelp Jr. (Grandson), Bobby Shelp Sr.(son) and in the rafters Mike Shelp (Grandson). The roof and siding were done by these guys. I would be shingling in the snow if it weren't for them.

All of the windows and doors in the addition and trailer were installed with new installation Low-E, Argon gas filled glass. When it's 75 degrees outside, I can hang meat inside!

End of trailer inside addition, to be removed.

The first picture is taken from the side main entrance, the trailer is still inside the structure. Over the years rain leakage on the front of the trailer caused some significant damage to the wall structure and floor in the front of the trailer. In the second picture, extending the structure out in front allowed me to leave the trailer in tact until I got a roof over it. The front and inside wall of the trailer back to the door will be coming out in 2004. Once opened up the old living area becomes the dining 'L' off from the living room in the new addition side. The inside wall doesn't support anything as the vaulted truss roof goes from the outside walls all the way across without any support.

If you look closely in the next three pictures you can still see the green and white end of the trailer before it was removed.

The new shed will be attached to the side where the grey siding is vacant.

Winter 2004


Got quite a bit done inside in 2004

The living room of the original trailer with Craig & Christian

The new dining area with the front of the trailer removed.

Ceiling is done, 3 coats of sealent applied, recessed lighting as well as a ceiling fan in the living room and chandalier light in the dining area.

View from Front door, front of trailer gone.

Looking into kitchen area, cabinets to be installed next year, 2005.

Living room.

Front of living room fireplace corner.

Betsy's surprise 60th on the beach.

All work no play = NO FUN!

View from Dave and Ginny's, across canal.


Living room and dining area carpeted.

Walkway to back and front doors.


Shutters on, ready for winter

Kitchen cabinets and countertops installed

Master bath finished

Installed adjustable shelving in small bedroom closet







The Happy Owners

Synopsis Of Yearly Major Activities


I replaced most of the bulk head, but we haven't quite decided on exactly what we're going to do with the deck and walk way areas. I'd like to drop the walkway down and move the fencing to the back side of it in order to access the boats easier. But then that makes it a higher rise to get up to the level of the sliding doors that come out onto the deck area. Some more planning in store.


Because the addition and the new shed will cover over a lot of the windows on the existing trailer, I installed 'Sky Tubes' in the hallway and bathroom. Perhaps one will go into the kitchen also. They provide a tremendous amount of natural light, maybe even more than the original windows did. There's also a Velux Vented Sky light in the addition, that not only provides light, but also helps vent the heat off the ceiling as well. I also put in a new water line with a whole-house charcoal filter in-line and replaced the sewer line from the trailer out to the septic tank. Sealed off the entire bottom of the trailer to help keep out the rodents and discourage the hornets from building nests.

Inside the interior walls are in, the wiring is finished and inspected, the integrated smoke alarm system is in, about 1/3 of the insulation is installed and I have replaced the old screw-in buss fuse box with breakers.


In 2004 I built storm covers for all of the windows and doors. They really help protect the glass and screening during the harsh winter storms. They can be put on or taken off in a few hours. We also stained the bulk head and walkways grey. The tongue and groove ceiling in the Living Room, Kitchen, Master bedroom are put up and finished, Craig was a big help in doing that job.


In 2005 the shed got built. I managed to pinch a nerve in my back and was unable to climb a ladder, let alone carry bundles of shingles to the roof. Thanks to Craig, the sheathing and roofing got put on in time to keep out the rain. While Doug was visiting we finished pounding down a sand point and hooked up a pump for watering the grass, washing boats, etc. All of the plumming comes into the shed where I can winterize the camp very quickly and easily. The old metal shed is now gone. Inside the shed is now a 40 gallon hot water heater which replaced the old 5 gallon electric water heater. Needless to say, no more cold showers after the grandkids get done! We also installed a 1" black iron gas line down the side and across the front of the camp. From this supply line the fireplace, gas grill, stove, hot water heater and furnace get supplied LP gas. Finished the master bedroom, nobody has to sleep on air mattresses next year. The gas fireplace is in and the vent through the roof is installed.


In 2006 almost all of the work was inside. We ran plumming,installed the new fixtures, flooring cabinets and painted the bath. We installed the rest of the kitchen cabinets, counter tops and an outside venting range hood. In the master bedroom we installed a set of bi-fold louvered doors as well as a closet organizer in the closet. As in previous years, we also survived "Craig and His Wives Weekend" with all of the grandkids. We almost got rained out at the fireworks, but also went to an outdoor concert at Sackets Harbor and saw the battle field re-enactment as well as got in some decent beach time. Good time for all.

To Do:

We've got a couple of major things left to do. The skirting around the camp needs to be installed. Re-stain the deck and bulkhead. Finish up with the trim work in the kitchen. Put the walkway across the front of the camp and a raised deck off from the dining room, East side.

Back home for the winter in mid-October. Still have the same BIG list of things to do here as last year.

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